assic is a cloud mining platform Created by a group of crypto investors,to make mining easier,we have our mining firm in a place with low electricity bill To make the business profitable The best way to Make profits in crypto currencies is mining And to mine crypto we need a Mining firm,we started with graphic cards,and a few years later we started the project of building a large mining firm,the covid19 stopped the project for a while, But we returned to the building of the mining firm of 2200 hardwares 3 months after the lockdown Our miners are produced by asic We purchased from them, Rent mining power from us, We dont deal on mining hardwares To buy your own miner,you have to look for a local dealer in your area Or enter in contact with (asic) direct THE BUILDING OF OUR MINING FIRM it took our team 63 days to build the mining firm of 2200 miners With security and good cooling system. in assic cloud we have 2200 asic miners of all types mining bitcoin,ethereum,dogecoin,bitcoin cash,tron TRX,litecoin,and more crypto currencies This 2200 asic hardwares We have fully purchased,and still looking forward to add more asic hardwares to increase the daily profits.